Internal Quality Assurance Cell



IQAC Members [2018-2019]

  1. Dr. Sanjeev Shrivastava, Principal (Chairman IQAC, GNIET Nagpur)
  2. Prof. Kishor Wagh, (Coordinator, IQAC), Head FY
  3. Prof. Rajendra Bhombe, Head Electrical Engineering
  4. Prof. Kalpana Malpe, Head Computer Science Engineering
  5. Prof. Suchita Raut, Head Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  6. Dr. Jaspal Gidwani, Head Management Studies
  7. Mr. Rajendra Khobe, Assistant Registrar
  8. Mr. Pramod Patil, Russian Electricals Pvt Ltd (Industry Expert)
  9. Mr. Jaydeep Rathod (Student Representative)
  10. Ms. Harshita Patil (Student Representative)
  11. Mr. Nikhil Bhoyar (Alumni)


Link of IQAC Initiatives –

ISO Certification [ ISO 2018 ]

Strategic Planning and Deployment [ Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020 ]

Human Resource Policy [ HRGNI ]

Hand book on Code of Conduct of Student, Staff, Faculty, Principal and Authorities [ Code of conduct ]

Handbook Admin Staff [ HandbookAdmin ]

LMS and Academic management system [ LMS and ERP ]

Lecture Capturing System [ LCS Link ]

Department-wise Program Outcomes, Program Specific Outcomes, Course Outcomes

First Year        [PO-Link]    [PSO-Link]   [CO-Link]

CSE  BE           [PO-Link]    [PSO-Link]   [CO-Link]

EE  BE             [PO-Link]    [PSO-Link]   [CO-Link]

IT   BE             [PO-Link]    [PSO-Link]   [CO-Link]

ETC BE           [PO-Link]    [PSO-Link]   [CO-Link]

CSE  MTech   [PO-Link]    [PSO-Link]   [CO-Link]

EE  MTech     [PO-Link]    [PSO-Link]   [CO-Link]

MBA               [PO-Link]    [PSO-Link]   [CO-Link]