Student Services

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COLLEGE Hostel -

  Hostel is located in the college premises. Facilities such as meditation center, the gymnasium & sports, library, Cable T.V.  facility are available in the hostel for the students.

COLLEGE Cafeteria -

There are two well-maintained canteens where a number of south and north Indian dishes are offered at reasonable rates.

Subsidized canteen located in a scenic ambiance from where a hill top view of the nature is visible, keeping a soothing environment for relaxation.

COLLEGE Medical Assistance -

In GNIET college Medical Assistance facilities are presentt

COLLEGE Sports Facilities -

GNIET provides facilities and encouragement for every sport activity that students find interest in. Exceptional talents are given adequate encouragement to emerge as winning performers in their chosen sporting disciplines.

COLLEGE Gymnasium -

The college has its own Gymnasium equipped with all the modern health instruments. All health savvy students make use of this facility to maintain physical and mental fitness.

COLLEGE Transportation -

College bus facility is provided to all the first year students at subsidized rates. A yearly pass to use this facility can be obtained from the college office after paying the prescribed charges. The buses run on three different routes. The facility is also extended for visits to industries, research institutes, for survey camp etc.